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Bottom Paint

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by Andy Hutyera, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. Andy Hutyera

    Andy Hutyera The Red Canoe Guy

    Just giving one of the older canoes in the fleet a face lift. This canoe occasionally spends about a week in the water. As a result the topside paint below the waterline is cracked and crazed. I’ve sanded that off and was planning on using shellac below the waterline. As an alternative I’m wondering about using a bottom paint like Kirby’s bottom paint or Hydrocoat instead. I understand these are relatively soft abraidable finishes that would require periodic renewal, but the same is true of shellac. Anyone have any experience with these coatings or recommendations?
  2. joeswayze44

    joeswayze44 Curious about Wooden Canoes

    in the old days i used interlux malachy green with great success, but no longer available. looking for a substitute myself.
  3. Todd Bradshaw

    Todd Bradshaw Sailmaker

    The green is Brightside, the red is Hydrocoat. It's easy to apply (goes on like latex house paint with minimal fumes) and works well. I can't say the dull red surface is particularly beautiful, but the black is better. Will it (or any bottom paint) keep moisture from soaking through it and into the filler, because they are not designed specifically as sealers? - and what will then happen to the filler? - I don't know. Another possible one might be VC17. It is super thin, slick and copper colored, turning dark greyish with age.

    nordica-4-copy.jpg nordica5.jpg
  4. OP
    Andy Hutyera

    Andy Hutyera The Red Canoe Guy

    Thanks for the input. I think I will give one of them a try and see what happens. It does not seem that this issue has appeared in the Forum so I guess I’ll be the test case. Since the Brightside did not seal the bottom either and the filler was totally undamaged I’m guessing that a non fouling bottom should be fine even if it does not seal.
  5. David Satter

    David Satter LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Just finished a Penn Yan boat with Pettit Old Salem 1959 copper bronze. I've used it on canoes. Great for fresh water. it's smooth so you can paddle faster and it can be buffed to shine IMG_3819.JPG
  6. OP
    Andy Hutyera

    Andy Hutyera The Red Canoe Guy

    Great looking boat. Nice job. Thanks for the input.

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