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Anyone use this Varnish?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Norm Hein, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Norm Hein

    Norm Hein Canoe Codger

    I saw it in an add from Jamestown Distributors. Has anyone had any experience with it?
  2. MGC

    MGC Scrapmaker

    With free shipping and easy water cleanup it sure could be tempting.
    I would not choose it for my projects for a couple reasons..
    First, what is it? With a water cleanup I'm thinking it's not an oil based marine spar varnish. I only put spar varnish on my hulls.
    Second, it does not self level. With that fast cure time it could be a real pain to get a great finish with.
    I'm sticking to the the time I get to putting varnish on a hull the last thing I want to do is use an unfamiliar product. It dries fast enough for me (overnight) and the first thinned coats do a great job of penetrating. I don't mind doing some sanding to get to a nice finish.
    If you use the Halcyon you should post your thoughts about it. The reviews at Jamestown were a bit mixed.
  3. OP
    Norm Hein

    Norm Hein Canoe Codger

    I agree, the reviews were mixed that’s what made me ask the question to people who would be using it on the same projects I would. If it sounds to good to be true........,,
  4. Rob Stevens

    Rob Stevens Wooden Canoes are in the Blood

  5. OP
    Norm Hein

    Norm Hein Canoe Codger

    Shoot I'd buy that just for the container.

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