Tender Craft Boat Shop

Peter Code
1095 Strathy Ave
Mississauga, ON L5E 2K1
1-800-588-4682 or 416-920-6990

I am a boat builder and restorer, and a few years ago added canoes to my skills list. I have built 8 new ones and have done about that many restorations.  See lakeviewcanoecompany.ca for examples.

Last year I purchased Tender Craft Boat Shop from a friend who wanted to retire and he has a ton of canoe supplies either in stock or at the ready with suppliers. See www.tendercraftboats.com

Specifically for canoe owners I can supply custom cut white cedar planking and rib stock, ash gunwhales for canvas covered canoes or plain. Canvas, canvas filler, stem bands, brass tacks, screws, bronze seat bolts, stem band and replacement seats.  Along with that paint and varnish.  I carry Grey Owl paddles as well. I can mail order all over so I thought I would try this out.

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