Skowhegan Boat and Canoe Company

Years in Business: 
1930 - circa 1951
Company History: 

The Skowhegan Boat & Canoe Co. was founded in 1930 by Walter D. Grant. Grant was previously a superintendent at the Kennebec Boat and Canoe Company. The Skowhegan factory burned down on December 12, 1946, taking with it all of the company’s records and molds. The company survived at least until Grant’s death in 1951. 

Skowhegan canoes look very much like Kennebec canoes, including the short gunwale cap found on both makes. If the canoe has a serial number that does not match one found in the Kennebec Archives, then it could be a Skowhegan. Any Skowhegan records were probably lost in the 1946 fire.

Models Offered: 
  • Skowhegan Canoe - their primary model, offered in 16’, 17’ and 18’ lengths and trimmed with hardwood or mahogany
  • Camp Special Canoe - similar to the Skowhegan Canoe, and also offered in 16’, 17’ and 18’ lengths. Trimmed with spruce.
  • Guide - offered in 18 1/2’ and 20’ lengths
  • Invisible Sponson
  • War Canoe - 20’ long, specially designed for summer camps.
Type Definitions: 

Skowhegan canoes were built with two deck types:

  • Style I: hardwood 20” decks, open spruce gunwales, hardwood seat frames and thwarts, and oak keel. Outside stems optional.
  • Style II: mahogany 20” decks with coaming, mahogany rails, seats, thwarts, and oak keel. Outside stems optional.
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