Restoration project in need of new home

Canoe Make and Model: 
Kennebec (?) - see heart shaped decks
Canoe Length: 
17 foot

This canoe now lives in Vienna, ME at the Kimball Pond Boat Barn.  Would like to give away a project that i believe to be a Kennebec canoe (see heart shaped decks) in dire need of help.  See the attached pics.  It was acquired some years ago here in the Waterville, ME area where the Kennebec Canoe Company originated.  More particulars:

  • 17 foot with closed gunwale design; no outwale
  • no serial number that i can find
  • I have stripped the canvas and kept all the parts (external stems, keel, broken gunwale caps/sides)
  • heart shaped decks, seats, and portside inwale in good shape
  • i count 8 broken ribs; most of the planking is in decent shape

More pictures available … all questions quickly answered.  Contact Bob Bassett ( at


Needs Restoration
Vienna, Maine
Asking Price: 
Time remaining: 39%
11/10/2019 (4 months)