Old Penn Yan canoe sailing hardware

Canoe Make and Model: 
Penn Yan
Canoe Length: 

I have almost all the sail hardware from a Penn Yan Owasco.  I was planning to use them when I restore my Penn Yan Owasco, but I have no idea when I'll get to the job.

I have the mast and sprit, the two lee boards and cross arm with all the hardware, the rudder with the two pintles, and two pulleys.  I am missing however the sail, the mast ring, the rudder gudgeons, and the mast shoe.  While the rudder does have the 2 pintes I am missing the original Penn Yan gudgeons - these are the fittings that screw onto the canoe and hold the pintle's pins.  However I do have a pair of Old Town pintles & gudgeons that could do the job.  Note however that Penn Yan's pin diameter to a tad too big to mate with the Old Town gudgeon, so you'd likely want to remove the Penn Yan pintles and use the Old Town parts instead.  See the pictures.  

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Honeoye Falls, NY
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06/04/2020 (6 months)