Jean Bratton's Teal 13

Canoe Make and Model: 
Woodstrip Watercraft, Teal model (the original)
Canoe Length: 
13' x 26"

Jean is giving up her original Teal solo canoe. It has been the subject of numerous photos and trips and is dearly loved. However it is time to find it a new home. It is a very responsive solo canoe that is great for day trips, poking around or just bettering your canoeing skills. It was damaged at one point by a heat lamp left in it, and repaired by me (Al Bratton) with epoxy paste, sanded and reglassed (in the damaged section). It is visible but perfectly sound. It is evenly colored with walnut trim.

Good Usable
Gilbertsville PA
Asking Price: 
Time remaining: 61%
10/03/2018 (7 months)