George Kirby Jr. Paint Company

George and Shari Kirby
163 Mt. Vernon Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
United States

George Kirby Jr. Paint Company was started in 1846 on the waterfront of New Bedford, Massachusetts. As a supplier of marine paint to the New Bedford whaling fleet we pioneered the development of copper bottom paint in 1879. Today we are still a family run business headed by George Kirby IV.Our paint is mixed from closely guarded formulas at our facility just off the waterfront. Urban renewal caused us to move from our original waterfront location. Standard Kirby paints include marine outside paint, boot topping, buoy paint, marine deck and floor paint, engine enamels, house paints, and red lead primer. Suppliers of paint to many small wooden boat builders, as well as Mystic Seaport our products are available through direct order and at Jamestown Distributors and Portland Yacht Services.

Geographic Region: 
New England
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Building Supplies and Materials