Cherry Beach Day Trip - Toronto DATE CHANGE TO THURS AUG 29!!

After looking at the weather and marine forecast for tomorrow (Aug 27) we have decided to change the date of our Chapter paddle to Thursday August 29. The location is Cherry Beach, Toronto.

There are some road closures and Murat has provided a description and images of how to access the beach.

1) The unpaved parking lot for the beach is off to right hand side when nearing the water. If you hit the circular paved turnaround (where the TTC bus makes a loop, you've gone slightly passed the unmarked entrance of the beach. I'll hang the WCHA flag off of some trees or my car in the parking lot as a visual for folks to spot.

2) The drawbridge over the water on Cherry Street leading to the access point has broken and is in the “up position”. The city has closed Cherry street exit from Lakeshore Boulevard until September 14. This mostly affects folks coming from the West end. Access from the West should be the next exit (Google suggests Logan) then another right on Commissions all the back to Cherry street. Left on Cherry down to the beach

Description of trip

Cherry Beach Park is located at the foot of Cherry Street accessible off Lakeshore Boulevard a few minutes east of the downtown core. There is a large, unpaved free parking lot on the left just before the paved road ends in a turn around loop. Water access is a shallow pebbly beach so bringing some proper footwear would be prudent.

It's about a 20 minute paddle in open lake water and through the industrial eastern gap channel until we get to the secluded canals of the islands. The route would take us through several marinas where we can gawk at the house boats and yachts, past the islands amusement park where roller coasters and kids will be having fun, under many neat bridges, as well as through some undeveloped areas. Depending on wind / wave conditions we can paddle other parts of the inner harbour and get relatively close to the island airport where planes will be taking off and landing. We can have lunch or drinks at the Carousel cafe located right in the middle of the island cluster. They have a neat little bay with rock steps to their waterside patio where we can tie up our boats.

There are also a few historical buildings including a wooden church dated to 1884 (St. Andrews by the Lake) as well as the oldest surviving lighthouse on the Great Lakes dated to 1808 (Gibraltar Point lighthouse) at the southwest corner. Plenty of interesting bird life too including great blue herons, swans, various ducks and songbirds. A healthy population of mink are also island residents. A set of binoculars would be useful if anyone is interested in viewing. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019 - 10:00am to 3:00pm
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Alex Guthro
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Canada/Northern Lakes Chapter
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