8 restored Canadian wood canvas canoes 4 sale

Canoe Make and Model: 
Chestnut Peterborough Faber Huron
Canoe Length: 
15' to 18'

A well known restorer and collector of vintage and antique canoes in Kamloops, BC, Canada needs to make room. These vintage and antique canoes are all unused since a documented, full, recent restoration which included new canvas. You have a choice of  two 16' Chestnut Pals @ $2450 each cad., one 15' Chestnut Bobs Special @ $2650 cad., one 16' Chestnut Cruiser @ $2150 cad., one 15.5 ' Peterborough @ $2750 cad., one 18' Chestnut Cruiser @ $2450 cad., one 16' Faber Prospector @ $2650 cad. and one 15.5' Huron @$2150 cad.  My American friends will of course pay 25 to 30 percent less due to exchange rates. [ ie: $2500 cad is about $1825 usd ] My pictures are too large to upload on this site. If required, shipping is up to the purchaser. This is a private sale, no sales tax. For complete information, pictures and pricing please search ” canoe ” at this site:www.usedkamloops.com.

Excellent Restored
Kamloops, BC, Canada
Asking Price: 
250 5734527
Time remaining: 45%
05/04/2020 (5 months)