1977 Cedar Chestnut Canoe - Prospector - Antique - Canvas Covered Wood - $2500 Cdn

Cedar Chestnut Canoe  Prospector Antique
Chestnut Emblem  at front of Canoe
1977 Cedar Chestnut Canvas Canoe - Prospector - Original & Excellent Condition
1977 Cedar Chestnut Canvas Canoe - Prospector - Original & Excellent Condition
Canoe Make and Model: 
1977 Cedar Chestnut Canoe - Prospector - Canvas Covered Wood - Antique
Canoe Length: 
16 ft

Certainly ANTIQUE - 1977 Cedar Chestnut Canoe – 16’ Prospecter $2,500.00

· 72 pounds, Canvas covered Wood

· Excellent Condition: Always stored under cover; last 25 years unused & stored indoor; always used in fresh water

· Canvas in excellent condition; no cracks in the paint; slight fiberglass repair to ribbing

· We bought our Chestnut Canoe in 1977 directly from Chestnut Canoe Company in New Brunswick, with Chestnut Canoe Company sold their last canoe in 1979 – now definitely an Antique given its condition. There are very few 16’ Prospecter Canoes now around for sale.

· From “Dragonfly Canoes Website”: Prospector Models: Deeper and beamier than pleasure models of equivalent length, these canoes are meant to carry gear for extended trips and is the most widely copied by modern-day composite canoe builders.

· From “Rapid Media Website” : The Chestnut Canoe Company built this “workhorse of the North” to meet the specific needs of the prospector - good maneuverability through whitewater and wilderness, with capacity to carry substantial loads. The 16' Prospector features a flattened, shallow arch hull with its fullness carried into the bow and stern, good depth amidships to maintain freeboard and deepened ends to keep paddlers and gear dry. The rockered keel-line makes it very maneuverable in whitewater. This was the favored canoe of the late Bill Mason, Canada's premier paddler…”it is amazing that such a large-volume tripping canoe can also be so beautiful to paddle solo in the leaned position - canoe ballet, as I call it. It is the ideal all-round canoe.”

· From “Wikipedia Website”: Bill Mason was a Canadian naturalist, author, artist, filmmaker, and conservationist, noted primarily for his popular canoeing books, films, and art as well. Although he used a variety of Chestnut models in his films, including the “Pal”, his favourite boat was a red Chestnut Prospector, a 16-foot canvas covered wood canoe that he claimed was the most versatile design ever manufactured, in spite of the popularity of more durable and modern construction techniques and materials. After his death, this canoe was donated to the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, Ontario, where it is on display.

· From “Canoe Guy Website”: The Chestnut Prospector – This is the real deal – often copied, never matched. A quick search on the internet produces at least ten modern canoe companies with a “Prospector” in its catalogue. However, the Chestnut Canoe Company invented this winning combination. With high sides, substantial arch in the bottom and lots of rocker in the full ends, it is designed to transport heavy loads quickly through rapid rivers and large, challenging lakes. It is essentially a deeper, wider Cruiser and is still regarded as the ultimate wilderness tripping canoe. Like the Cruiser, many people unfamiliar with these canoes find it a little “tippy”. The round bottom of the Prospector makes for a “shaky” feel when you first get in. However, it becomes much more stable as weigh is loaded into the canoe — making it perfect for extended trips. It also settles into a stable position when heeled over to one side. As a result, many people love it as a solo canoe.

Excellent Original
Campbell River British Columbia Canada
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