1965 Old Town Otca-Guide, 18'

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Old Town Otca-Guide - Unique!
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18' Old Town Otca/Guide wood/canvas canoe, from 1965, serial # 174644-18.  It was fully restored in 2018 and looks just like it did when it left the factory.  It hasn't even seen water yet.  It weighs a manageable 87#.

The canoe was restored with the same methods used to build it in 1965; clenched brass tacks, silicon-bronze screws and bolts, and hand filled canvas. Woods used are ash decks, seats, and thwarts; plus white cedar ribs, red cedar planking, spruce inner rails, and red cedar outer rails.  All wood is steam bent into shape.  The stem bands are brass.  Seats have been recaned.   The canoe was recanvassed with #12 cotton duck and 'filled' with a traditional oil and silica mixture along with a modern mildewcide treatment (instead of traditional white lead!).   It left the factory 'keel-less' and remains so.  Modern marine paint and varnish were used.

This canoe is likely unique as it was specially ordered by Old Town's sales rep for the East Coast.  He requested it be built on an Otca form but with the profile of a Guide.  Note that the two decks are different to reflect the Otca/Guide design: the front is Old Town's coaming type while the aft is Old Town's ogee shape.  The seats are slightly different as well with one having round corners and the other square.

I have been restoring canoes since the mid 80's and manage to complete 3 or 4 per year.  I use the marine grade materials and the proper traditional techniques.  With minimum care this canoe will last for many more generations.

$1800 OBO, cash only.  Note - trailer is not included.  585-624-3913, or 585-662-3589 text

Excellent Restored
Mendon, NY
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585-624-3913 or text at 585-662-3589
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