1904/05 15 ft. Grade A Indian Girl for sale, serial #1281

Canoe Make and Model: 
1904/05 Rushton Indian Girl
Canoe Length: 
15 ft

I don't know what to say, she speaks for herself.  This is what I wrote about her just after I completed her preservation;

  She is in remarkable condition, having all her original wood and canvas.  Our focus for her preservation was threefold; address the interior finish that would blister when exposed to the sun:remove paint that was slopped on her gunnels; repair a rub and several small spilts in her canvas, uncover her original color, and give her original canvas back her color.  We also wanted to repair and preserve the original caning on the rear seat, and recane the front seat.  All hardware is original: however; however and original painters ring was purchased for her at the August 2010 WCHA convention.  And an original floor button was donated from a WCHA member, in order for her to be completely original.  The broken stembands were also repaired by braising additional brass.

She truly demonstrates Rushton's place among the premier boat builders of his day.  In fact, her resilience and condition strongly supports Atwood Manly's claim that, “if boats lasted as long violins and cherished as much, he might become the Stradivarius of the canoe.”  We did not want to preserve her to look new, but rather to the 'makers' intent.  So, we have not tightened any screws (except those to remove and reinstall the seats and thwart), nor have we sanded any wood, all wear and marks from the last 112 years remain.  The interior has been finished closely to that discribed  by Rushton himself in, Rushton and his times in American Canoeing, by Atwood Manley.  Two coats of dewaxed shellac, followed by two coats of varnish.  Several splits have been repaired on the original canvas.  We uncovered what we believe is the original moss green color and had a costom mix made.  the caned rear seat is intact.  We used the original binder and pegs when we recaned the front seat.  The front seat caning has been kept for display an accuracy.

She will be sold with her stand, period oars and oar locks that were on her. and her custom made cover made by our own, Bag Lady.  A rowing chair of unknown origin.  There are many, many pictures documenting her preservation.  I would like the keep her in our family, but if not sold by November 1, 2017, I will list her on eBay to the public.  Call or text with any questions.  Thank you for all your efforts to perserve these wonderful canoes…….. almost forgot, she waltzes through the water, none like her.

Make an offer, she'll make a great Christmas present.




Excellent Restored
Fountain Inn, SC
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cell # 570-885-6670
Time remaining: 94%
10/02/2018 (11 months)