18' Old Town HW sailing canoe, AA gr., newly refurbished, complete hardware

Canoe Make and Model: 
1949 AA grade Old Town HW sailing canoe w. sponsons
Canoe Length: 

This is 'Arrow', a newly refurbished 18' AA grade Old Town HW sailing canoe, with sponsons, half-ribs, rub rails, full length stem band, complete sailing hardware including a new sail, two Old Town paddles and slatted OT seat back. Serial # 152749, built April - December 1949, shipped Dec. 20, 1949 to Calistoga Dime and Dollar Store, Oakland, CA. Originally painted with white top/blue bottom (design #45), I am advised that she was only ever very lightly used in the Oakland area and briefly sailed in San Francisco Bay. She was purchased by her second owner in the 1970's, again being very little used. He re-painted her with white top/dark green bottom and named her 'Natalie Mae'. For most of his ownership, she was a decorative center-piece inside his San Francisco townhouse condominium.

I became her 3rd owner in early 2004, and brought her back east at that time. She was in the water only twice in 2005 (paddled only), and has been stored in my garage and/or cabin ever since. In the interim, her painted surface had aged and cracked. While she remained completely seaworthy and remarkably free of damage or defects, she really needed a 'facelift' - cosmetic reasons only. The hull was scraped and sanded nearly back to the original canvas, which remains in great condition. Minor reinforcement to the exterior canvas surface of both stems was done by Dick Persson, Buckhorn Canoe Co. New filler was then applied (by me) last fall and allowed to 'season' over the winter. This spring, filling and fairing was completed (by me, with guidance from Dick), followed by two coats of marine primer. The decision was made to paint her in 'Regimental dress blues', complete with red top and bright yellow piping - 3 coats of each, using Epifanes, sanded and rubbed between each application. Both seats were re-caned. A new, yellow, fine cotton sail has just been made, using the original as a pattern; the old sail is worn but will accompany the canoe.

Otherwise, the interior (ribs, planking, floor, thwarts, decks), the gunwales, sponson rails and rub rails all remain as last varnished 40 years ago, aside from some minor touch-up; this is testament as to how well-treated and truly little-used this canoe has been over her 69 years (see photos). Today, she is bright, shiny, completely structurally sound and looking forward to a new home where she will be appreciated, and perhaps used more regularly in the sailing environment for which she was meant. During the course of adding the yellow stripe to her 'dress blues' livery, I chose to give the usual ribbon-like, straight line stripe a bit more of an 'action look'; this gave rise to her new name.

'Arrow' will be available for inspection at the WCHA 'Assembly', in Peterborough (Trent University campus), mid-July 2018. Inquiries invited beforehand. Delivery to your location can be discussed. I will be pleased to supply further info or photos.

Excellent Restored
Peterborough, ON, Canada
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