17 foot Old Town Wooden Canoe for sale

17 foot Old Town Wooden Canoe, fully restored
Canoe Make and Model: 
Believed to be old Town
Canoe Length: 

Fully restored by Andrew Wallace some years ago with new planking as needed, canvas, gunwhales, keel and copper keel runner, decking and stem/stern work.  Seats recaned.  Has not been used much since then.   Belived to be an Old Town, age uncertain as no numbers are now to be found.  I bought it well used some 45 years ago, did minor restoration and recanvassing and used it extensively on quiet water for 20 years or more before its professional restoration.   

Very quiet canoe, handles well and tracks beautifully.  And of course with those graceful lines ….. 

Excellent Restored
Harvard, MA
Asking Price: 
978 456-0121
Time remaining: 17%
06/15/2020 (6 months)