16' Chestnut Prospector

red canoe
Canoe Make and Model: 
Chestnut Prospector, "Fort" model
Canoe Length: 

16' Chestnut, wood-canvas canoe needs a new home.

It is 34 and 1/2” across the center thwart.  It's 14” deep at the center.  It has 5” of rocker at the bow and 3” at the stern. It weighs about 76 pounds.

It has a serial number: 45515.  From the dimensions, it is a “Fort” model, built in about 1967.

It has been restored to a “good” or “very good” condition.  I have many pictures, but I only loaded one for this ad. I can email more at your request.



Good Usable
Toronto, Canada
Asking Price: 
Time remaining: 91%
06/18/2019 (11 months)