Morris Records from the Old Town Canoe Company Repair Records

An unexpected find that emerged from the Old Town Canoe Company Build Record Archive Project was a twenty five card collection of Morris records. Over half of these appear to be partially completed canoes that were finished at Old Town after the Morris factory burned in December of 1919. This is too small a sample to be very reliable for statistical purposes but it does yield some interesting insights into Morris's production.

The results are somewhat predictable. Most of these canoes were grade 1 (85%) with outside stems (68%), Model A's (54%), seventeen feet in length (42%), shipped in the month of June (32%), to customers in Massachusetts (31%), and painted dark green (22%). This is based on a exceedingly small sample of only 25 cards ranging from serial number 69 to 17263 which were shipped from Old Town between 17-June-1921 and 26-October-1942. These preliminary results are summarized in the pie chart graphics below.

The repair records consist of about one thousand index cards dating back to 1905. They contain: specific details about each canoe, the dates when each stage of repair was completed, the name and address of the owner, and other information.

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